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a while ago i reblogged a paypal tutorial with some extra info / warnings in the comments, but the site updated so i figured i’d make my own tutorial with all that extra info added in

  •  if you’re new to paypal, “Send & Request” is at the top of the page - click that and then select “Pay for goods or services”
  • paypal says they will take a cut of the money when it gets to me but it’s only 2.9%, meaning anywhere from a couple of cents to a buck with the rates i usually charge. if you wanna be nice you can add that 2.9% in but i don’t expect people to and i don’t mind if you don’t
  • MAKE SURE YOU SELECT “NO ADDRESS NEEDED”. if you select the other options paypal will think i’m shipping you physical goods and expect me to cough up proof that i did - and they’ll flag me if i don’t!
  • as mentioned in the photoset, i need to be very careful about what people mention in the payment notes so that paypal doesn’t think i’m up to any fishy business and lock me down for it. all i need is for you to tell me who you are (tumblr / DA / FA account name etc) so i know who’s sending me what. if your blog name is ballslappingsex69.tumblr.com then consider using a nickname.

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Closet Cosplay 1: from Ghost-Pkmntrainer-Lily= Korra

So I trolled through my closet here is what I did- pajama pants, necklace from ren fest, work out shirt, blanket, Kili wig, crappy gauntlets from my attempt at being Fierce Deity Link and eye shadow for the iffy arm thing.





Halloween on tumblr ideas: ask your followers to submit a character and you have to closet cosplay that character, no matter how inadequatley equipped you are


I will 100% do this

I want to do this tonight

Oh helmet hair- revision of the Darknut helmet. With better reference used. I’ll use the other helmet for something else probably.


Hat 48http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/geometric-hat
Geometric Hat
Yarn= Expression Fiber Arts “A place in time”


Hat 48http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/geometric-hat

Geometric Hat

Yarn= Expression Fiber Arts “A place in time”

Work on the darknut helmet- no horns. I may go back to re-make it so that the eye slits are smaller. But for the most part- I now have a helmet that I probably am going to wear around the house.

Thinking of making a Darknut cosplay for ColossalCon next year. I am starting to plan out its creation and what materials I will be using. As well as figuring the logistics and process I am trying to make it a costume where I can put it on by myself. While I love the idea of having a handler- I don’t want to make someone have to follow me around all day. So making it easy to move in, walk around in, comfortable to a degree and a one person assembly crew outfit is going to be fun. If anything the armor is going to be the majority of the construction.

Cross your fingers ladies and gents- once a big change happens in my life costuming will resume in full swing I do believe. If not costuming…it’ll be crafting on some sort.

I’ll keep everyone posted :D